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The Dudley Co-operative Society, an affiliate of Dudley House, was founded in 1958 as alternative housing for undergraduates at Harvard University. We are thirty-two Harvard undergraduates and two resident tutors, who live in two 19th century houses in a residential area of Cambridge about 10-12 minutes from Harvard Yard. We do our own cleaning, cooking, and food buying, and pay a reduced room and board fee. There are 27 student rooms, 2 tutor rooms, a large and well-equipped kitchen, and a living room. We are an option for those students who are not satisfied with the institutional nature of house life, but who do not want the isolation or the expense of living in an apartment. For nitty gritty details, check out our new FAQ section.

The selection, preparation, and quality of food in the Co-op are taken very seriously. While many non-vegetarians reside at the Co-op and the preparation of meat is allowed, food at the Co-op is almost entirely vegetarian. Dinners are prepared communally; other meals are prepared individually.

Practical decisions about the running of the Co-op are made by all of the Co-op members, which helps to foster a supportive and tolerant atmosphere. A number of additional chores are divided among Co-op members, such as buying food in bulk and cleaning the kitchen and living room. Each member of a Co-op spends an average of about 1-2 hours per week on these chores.

Students interested in living in the Dudley Co-op are invited to call the Dudley House Office at 617-495-2256 to see about space availability or to arrange for a visit. Applicants to the Co-op must submit a change of house affiliation form to the Harvard Housing office before the housing deadline in the previous term. Visit the Undergraduate Housing Office for more information.

If you have more questions about living at the Co-op, email the Dudley House Undergraduate Coordinator at