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Editor's Note
Clay Ackerly
Features: Medicare Symposium
Medicare Works
Bruce Vladeck, PhD
The Medicare Menace
Harry Cain, PhD
Medicare from the Beneficiaries' Eyes
Marsha Gold, ScD
Concluding Remarks
Bruce Vladeck, PhD
Features: Interviews
Interview with Nancy-Ann Min DeParle
Former Administrator of the Health Care Financing Administration
Interview with John Rother
Director of Legislation and Public Policy for the AARP
Features: Health Care for the Elderly
Policy Considerations for Nursing Home Quality Improvement
Ralph Leonard, MD
The Critical Condition of End of Life Care in the United States
Andrea Magyera
Comprehensive Care for the Elderly: Is PACE the Answer?
Y.K. Gary Chu, OD and Jocelyn, MPH
Health Highlights
When It Comes to Health Policy, Americans Are Not British
Robert Blendon, ScD and Minah Kim
Current Issues in Mental Health Policy
Colleen Barry
Health Care in Tibet: Clinical and Policy Perspectives
Mary Maish, MD
In Focus
Why Are There So Many Uninsured Americans? Is the Problem Permanent?
Uwe Reinhardt, PhD
Implications of Policy Decisions on Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research in the United States
Stephanie Oestreich
Smoking and Health: The 1964 U.S. Surgeon General's Report as a Turning Point in the Anti-Smoking Movement
Michael Housman
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