1. Number of Officer Positions

  1. There shall be no more than 10 officer positions in a given year.
    • The title and responsibilities of each officer position for the following year are subject to change by a vote of the Executive Committee.
    • There may be less than 10, but no fewer than 7 officers in a given year if all positions can not be filled during the Spring GDC elections.

2. Description of Officer Positions

  1. President
    • S/he shall be the chief executive officer and shall carry out the decisions of the Council.
    • S/he shall call and preside at meetings of the GDC and the Executive Committee.
    • S/he shall be the chief spokesperson for the GDC to present its decisions and recommendations to any bodies concerned with the formulation of GSAS Residence Hall policy.
    • S/he will act as a liaison to the GSAS Housing Services.
    • S/he will be responsible for ensuring that the GDC is regularly represented at meetings of the Graduate Student Council.
    • S/he will be responsible for keeping the constitution up-to-date.
  2. Vice-President/Secretary
    • S/he shall keep a permanent record of all GDC meetings.
    • S/he shall be responsible for monitoring the attendance of the representatives at GDC meetings and determining the voting eligibility of attendees.
    • S/he shall provide three day notification to all representatives and residents of the time and place of GDC meetings.
    • S/he shall be responsible for all GDC correspondence.
    • S/he shall ensure that a copy of the GDC Constitution is available upon request.
    • S/he shall fulfill the responsibilities of the President if the President cannot.
    • S/he will act as a liaison to other campus organizations.
  3. Treasurer
    • S/he shall receive and distribute all monies on behalf of the GDC.
    • S/he shall maintain the GDC bank account and monitor any GDC income (e.g. laundry and vending machines) and any GDC investments (e.g. surplus income invested from previous semesters).
    • S/he shall prepare a financial report to present to all GDC officers and representatives at regular GDC meetings. The GDC books shall be open to every Council member. A copy of the report will be available upon request.
    • S/he shall coordinate with counterparts in other Harvard student organizations in cases where the GDC shares joint financial responsibilities.
    • S/he shall provide reports and other information as requested to GSAS Housing Services.
  4. Social Coordinators
    • There shall be two social coordinators.
    • The social coordinators shall organize social functions sponsored by the GDC.
    • They are responsible for the GDC Welcome Barbecue and GDC Bagel Brunch during orientation in September and the GDC End of the Year Barbecue at the end of the Spring term. Social Coordinators should inform Student Services and the Housing Office of the specific dates of these events as soon as they are decided.
    • Along with the Vice President, they shall help coordinate the timing and organization of social events sponsored by GDC open funding, which are voted on at GDC meetings independent of the social budget.
    • They are responsible for advertising their events throughout the GSAS residence halls via flyers, the GSAS Friday e-mails, the GDC-events e-mail list (as available), and posting event information for both their events and open funding events on the GDC website.
    • They shall maintain the GDC-events e-mail list (as available) through the Harvard Computer Society with help from the GDC web officer.
  5. Movie Officer and Video Librarian
    • There shall be one officer with the title of Movie Officer and Video Librarian
    • S/he shall hold at least three movie events per semester.
    • S/he shall be responsible for advertising movie events throughout the GSAS Residence Halls.
    • S/he shall hold at least two video office hours per week for the GDC Video Library in Perkins 20.
    • S/he shall maintain (and expand as possible) the GDC video library.
    • S/he shall hold at least two video office hours per week for the GDC Video Library in Perkins 20.
    • S/he shall be responsible for advertising the video library, including its check out procedures, return policy, and the video library hours to residents throughout the year via flyers, e-mails to the GDC list (as available), and the GDC website.
    • S/he shall keep the video list up-to-date, and help the webmaster maintain the online movie database and checkout system.
    • S/he shall be responsible for overseeing movie checkout procedures and enforcing video return policies.
  6. Fitness Officer
    • S/he shall be responsible for planning and implementing at least 2 fitness events per semester. S/he shall coordinate and communicate with the treasurer at each meeting to optimize funding distribution for fitness-based events that are proposed by residents.S/he shall be an advocate for students proposing fitness-related events at GDC meetings and provide the information and assistance needed by students implementing fitness programming.
    • S/he shall make the fitness programming known and available to all residents in the graduate dormitories. They are responsible for advertising their events throughout the GSAS residence halls via flyers, the GSAS Friday e-mails, the GDC-events e-mail list (as available).
    • S/he should make an effort to coordinate with the Dudley Athletic Fellows and Resident Advisor Athletic Officers.
  7. Web Officer
    • S/he shall maintain the GDC website. The web site should provide the following minimum information:
      • Weekly update of GDC events, Dudley House events, and events around campus, organized through the online calendar.
      • GDC meeting schedule for the year.
      • Contact information and officer positions for the current GDC officers.
      • The GDC Constitution.
      • Video list and check-out procedures.
      • Links to information about residence halls relevant to incoming, continuing residents.
      • Contact information for the RAs, Dudley Fellows, Graduate Student Council members, and other campus organizations.
    • S/he shall instruct the GDC officers, GSAS Resident Advisors, Dudley House Fellows, and Graduate Student Council officers regarding how to add information for relevant campus events to the GDC website.
    • Along with the social coordinators, s/he may maintain and moderate facebook page and/or GDC-events list for discussing issues related to residence hall life, (e.g. requests to purchase movies for the video library and for movie showings).
    • Should have experience with web design.
  8. Equipment Officer
    • S/he shall diagnose, replace, and install small televisions, DVD players, remote controls, and VCRs, upon being notified of the problem (most likely by an RA or the facilities manager). This does not include the large televisions.
      • Upon notification, evaluate the device to see if it is in fact broken (and fix the connections, etc to make it functional if it is not). This does not entail repair of physically damaged equipment.
      • Order new unit if necessary, to be paid for with GDC funds (up to the total annual funds the GDC has allocated for such acquisitions; if such funds have been spent for the year, no more acquisitions are to be made until the following year). Any relevant extras, such as cables or security devices, are to be acquired.
      • Once the new unit has arrived, arrange with the facilities manager for physical transportation of the new unit to the relevant location, and for removal and disposal of the broken unit. The facilities manager will transport the devices, and the Equipment Officer should accompany him or her to install the unit (and make it secure).
      • Install unit
    • S/he shall maintain remotes for the televisions by replacing broken or lost remotes (to limit of relevant budget) and supplying RAs with batteries. S/he shall also help program remotes as necessary.
    • S/he shall maintain instruction sheets that accompany each tv/remote set that informs residents of how to operate equipment.
    • S/he shall replace the batteries of remote controls upon the request of any resident.
    • S/he shall maintain the equipment room, and keep an inventory of it.
    • S/he shall be responsible for acquiring grills or other significant items.
    • S/he shall check, once a week, to see if there are ping-pong balls at the ping-pong table, and if the vending machines are stocked.
  9. Public Service Officer
    • S/he shall undertake at least three public service projects in the dorms each term. Likely events include clothing drives, food preparation and distribution, coordination with various local humanitarian programs, application for outside funding, etc.
    • S/he shall coordinate with and act as a liaison to the Public Service RA(s) and the Public Service Dudley Fellow(s).
    • S/he shall be responsible for advertising events to residents throughout the year via flyers, e-mails to the GDC list (as available), and the GDC website.

3. The Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee consists of the ten officers plus Resident Advisor Liaison(s).
  • The Executive Committee shall meet before the regular meetings of the GDC to prepare an agenda and to discuss and vote on funding applications. The President is responsible for calling and presiding over these meetings. The Vice President is responsible for communicating the time and location of these meetings and is responsible for the attendance of the GDC officers.
  • The Executive Committee may act on behalf of the Council between GDC meetings and during the summer.
  • The Executive Committee shall organize the GDC for the academic year beginning in September, and shall begin training the new officers as of the March elections.

4. Election of Officers

  • Any resident who has attended at least two GDC meetings (other than the election meeting) is eligible to vote in the elections for officers.
  • Any resident who has attended at least one GDC meeting (other than the election meeting) is eligible to run for an officer position, regardless of GDC status.
  • Anyone who has served two consecutive or non-consecutive years in any given office is not eligible to run for election to that office again.
  • Anyone who has been a GDC officer for a total of three years in any position is no longer eligible to run in GDC elections.
  • The election will be held on the Sunday before the spring break, as determined by the University
  • Residents are allowed to run for up to four positions.
  • Nominations will be due two weeks prior to the day of the election meeting.
  • If GSAS Housing and Student Services Offices determine that a nominee has seriously or repeatedly violated residence hall policy, he or she will not be eligible to run for GDC office.
  • In order to be eligible to vote at the election, residents must be present at the time that the Vice President verifies attendance requirements. No walk-ins after that point shall be allowed. This will allow the Vice President to verify compliance of all voting procedures.
  • The order of the election is left to the discretion of the Executive Committee at the time of voting.
  • Officers shall be elected by secret ballot by a majority vote; no proxies shall be allowed.
  • In the case that multiple candidates receive an equal number of votes, those candidates will each be required to provide a second speech, to be followed by a second round of voting. In the event of a second voting tie, the candidate with the highest attendance record shall be elected. If the candidates have equal attendance records then the GDC Officers will vote to break the tie. If an even, as opposed to odd, number of GDC Officers are available to vote, then the Resident Advisor GDC Liaison shall vote as well.
  • Any decision regarding election procedures not described above will be left to the discretion of the Executive Committee.