This year, the GDC has arranged an exciting service opportunity with Cadbury Commons, a nearby assisted living facility. The residents of Cadbury Commons are elderly people who often cannot participate as much in community life as they used to Many of them miss opportunities to be attend recitals, lectures, and other cultural events. So we are bringing these events to them! Read on to learn about two fun, easy ways to participate in this project.

1. Sunday afternoon lecture series Every Sunday afternoon, Cadbury Commons is looking for 2-3 Harvard graduate students who would like to come give 30-45 minute lectures. Think of these like Ted talks--they can cover any aspect of your research, whether you are writing a dissertation or just exploring a topic for one of your courses. The Cadbury Commons audience is extremely appreciative and will love your lecture unconditionally, so this is a great chance for you to practice teaching new material, experiment with a new topic, or just enjoy having a captive audience to listen to you talk!

2. October 12th, 2PM recital On October 12th, Cadbury Commons will host any students interested in performing music for their residents. If you enjoy playing music at any skill level, this is a wonderful opportunity to dust off your instrument and bring music to an appreciative audience. Also, if you like to play but prefer playing in a group, we can put you in contact with other students who would also like to play in a group. These definitely don't have to be polished performances--it is just a chance for us to enjoy playing and hearing music with members of the community! (Also, there is a piano at the facility, but any other instruments must be supplied by you.)

If you are interested in either of these service opportunities, please contact Katherine at katherinemarielyman@fas.harvard.edu. Also note that the lecture series is conducive to groups of 2-3 students who may want to present lectures together.

Public Service at Dudley House: