Students in Mental Health Research: A Global Mental Health Initiative (SIMHR) is a student run organization dedicated to building a community of student learners devoted to raising awareness about global mental health issues. SIMHR promotes student driven investigation into current research on one relevant mental health topic each year. During the second semester, all active members of the organization will participate in writing a comprehensive review paper for publication.

SIMHR’s mission is to study the current research in particular topics in mental health and to integrate our findings into a comprehensive review paper. In this paper, we analyze critically how research findings could affect treatment methods and outcomes. Throughout the year, we read many scientific journal articles and invite mental health experts to speak at our meetings. This year, we are focusing on the following two topics:

1) Optimal treatment techniques for substance use disorders in transitional age youths.

2) Diagnosis and management of autism, and how we might introduce more effective, individualized therapies.