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Table of Contents Issue 2 ~ Fall 2002
HIR Notebook
Compiled by the editors
The Temple Mount’s impending collapse, anti-Semitism in Central Park, Palestinians and “Jewish blood,” etc.

The United Nations: Dividing Israelis and Arabs for Over 50 Years
Ronen Mukamel
The United Nations was founded to promote diplomacy, human rights, and the sovereign equality of member nations. So how did the world’s democracy become a forum for perpetuating the Israeli-Arab conflict?

On Ignoring Anti-Semitism
Ruth R. Wisse
Anti-Semitism in the Arab world is more sincere and more pervasive than it was in pre-Hitler Europe, and is now on the rise elsewhere as well. Yet many Jews continue to deny anti-Semitism’s threat, in large part because to acknowledge the power of anti-Semitism is to admit that opposition to the Jewish state is rooted not in liberal reason but in a fundamental rejection of liberal democracy itself.

The Gamble That Failed: Israel’s Withdrawal From Lebanon
Timothy Gordon
In May 2000, Israeli troops withdrew from the northern border of Lebanon. Though international observers saw this move as an important step toward resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict, many in the Arab world saw Israel’s retreat as a triumph over the Israeli Defense Forces and a harbinger of victories to come.

From the Source: With Friends Like These: Saudis on the West
Rozalina Grubina
Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest exporter and financial backer of Wahhabi Islam,the fundamentalist sect whose members have been responsible for almost every major terrorist attack against the United States and Israel. From the Source takes a closer look at what Saudi officials say in Arabic about the West, revealing the rhetorical lengths to which they go to incite hatred and terrorist violence.

Oslo and Beyond: An Interview with IDF Colonel Daniel Reisner
An HIR-exclusive interview with the Head of the International Law Branch of the IDF Legal Division and a major player in the Oslo negotiations. Colonel Reisner discusses the failures of the Oslo process, the prospects for a future negotiated settlement, and the challenges facing Israel in an era of multinationalism.

HIR Book Review: Before the Occupation
David Wollenberg on Michael Oren’s Six Days of War and on just how little has changed in

HIR Background Notes: Israeli-Arab “Diplomacy” in the UN
A timeline of UN actions and resolutions regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Guest Comment: Surviving, a Testimony
Hebrew University bombing survivor Eliad Moreh discusses the trauma of terrorism and the will to live on after nearly losing her life.