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Table of Contents Issue 3 ~ Summer 2003
HIR Notebook
Compiled by the editors
In memoriam, the PA defends Abu Abbas, Belgium prosecutes Ariel Sharon, etc.

Palestinian Children and the New Cult of Martyrdom
Justus Reid Weiner
Who is responsible for recruiting Palestinian youth to carry out suicide attacks? Is the glorification of martyrdom in the best interests of the next generation?

Jewish National Identity in the 21st Century
The following essay is intended to begin an on-going exploration of Zionist identity. In his article, Joshua Suskewicz presents Israeli author Amos Oz's defense of secular Zionism, outlining his theory and examining its implications.

Israei Politics at a Glance: The Central Election Committee, Censorship, and Democratic Freedom
Eric Trager
When Israelís Central Election Committee tried to block two Arab candidates from running for office last January, it sparked a debate that generated serious questions about the role of censorship in liberal democracy.

From the Source: The Latest Libel: War Critics Blame Israel
Ronen Mukamel
Critics of Operation Iraqi Freedom are quick to blame Jewish and pro-Israel forces for driving America into war. From the Source analyzes what these critics are saying about Israel both at rallies and in print, and reveals widespread acceptance of a Zionist conspiracy to reshape the Middle East against American national interests.

HIR Book Review: The Mess of Middle Eastern Studies
Shira Pinnas on Martin Kramerís Ivory Towers on Sand.

Endnote: On the Wings of a Nation
Joshua Mendelsohn pays tribute to a fallen Israeli hero, Colonel Ilan Ramon.

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HIR Notebook
Compiled by the editors

What Many Liberals Can't See Arthur Hertzberg

The Costs of U.S. Aid to Israel
Daniel Feith

Reviving Religious Zionism
Daniel Shoag

Hudna-winked: How Hamas Fooled the Media
Adam Levine

HIR Book Review - Illegal Construction: a Legal Deconstruction
Max Davis

Security Fences Make Good Neighbors
Eric Trager

The State of the Jewish State
An Interview with Efraim Karsh