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Iron Palm

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Hung Gar Spear Form

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Chi Kung "Crane's Wings"

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Tai Chi "Beginning to Cloud Hands"

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Training Videos for HTCTC (Windows Media Files)

1. Windmills
2. Sweeps
3. Floaters
4. High Thigh Kicks
5. High Heel Kicks
6. Heart Thrust Kicks
7. Golden Rooster
8. Crane's Kick
9. Soft Punch
10. Double Soft Punches
11. Soft Hands
12. Waves
13. Tiger Descending the Mountains
14. Spear Form
15. Three-Section-Stick Form



Kung Fu, Spring Semester 2004

Kung Fu, Spring Semester 2004 Field Trip

Tai Chi, Spring Semester 2004

Kung Fu, Fall Semester 2003

Kung Fu, Spring Semester 2002

Kung Fu, Fall Semester 2001

Tai Chi

Lion Dance

Dr. William Hsu of Joslin Diabetes Center and Mike Curren of the Asian Diabetes Association discuss diabetes on October 11, 2002

Jackie Chan visits Harvard during Cultural Rhythms, February 2001

Annual Conference on Tai Chi and Health 1999

Annual Conference on Tai Chi and Health 1998

Martial Arts Expo 2000

Martial Arts Expo 1998

Martial Arts Expo 1994

August Moon Festival, Boston, 1996

International Cultural and Food Festival, Ritz Carlton, 1988

Masters and Grandmasters