Members and Administrative Responsibilities:

* The Harvard Kung Fu Club and the Tai Chi Club are two divisions of the Harvard Tai Chi Tiger Crane Club, a club sport registered at the Malkin Athletic Center with the Harvard Department of Athletics.

Harvard Tai Chi Tiger Crane Club: Officers

President - Scott Kaneshiro '12 and Kelly Maeshiro '14

The Harvard Kung Fu Club

Fourth Years:

Kevin Chan '06
Lester Leung '06

Third Years:

Max Beach '06
Andrew Fong '07
David Henderson '07
Sarah Jenks '07
Glenn Lashley '07

Second Years:

Joyce Chang '08
Serene Chen '08
Connie Cheng '08
Buck Farmer '08
Marta Gorczyca '07
Eva Luo '08
Momin Malik '08
Tina Tang '08
Stefan Wernli '08
Heun Wong '08

Farewell to these great friends as they move on to other places!
Ricardo Alanis '05
Felipe B. de Castro, FAS
Daniel Pincus '07
Francesca Marzo, GSAS
Laura Tom '07
Quinn Smithwick
E'beth Haley
Jie Song '06

(Number of years affiliated with the club)

Master Instructor & Senior Advisor - Master Yon G. Lee (20)

Senior Instructor - Master Winchell Woo (15)

Special Guest Senior Instructor - Y:1994, Master Anthony Lam Chun Fai (10)

Instructor in Kung Fu and Senior Assistant to the Master - Stephen Lin (5)

Instructor in Kung Fu and Chi Kung - Ed Landaker, M.D. (5) - University of Virginia

Instructor in Tai Chi - Becky Holmes (10) - Harvard International Office

Instructor in Chi Kung - Bobby Gangami (18)

Instructor in Tai Chi - Andrew J. Green (8), Hasting Law School

Assistant Instructor in Tai Chi and Chi Kung - Hal Bloom (5), Harvard Business School

Teaching Assistant in Kung Fu - Khin Tang (3)

* In order to protect the privacy of certain club members, some names have not been listed here.