The Juggling Information Service -- the ultimate juggling resource on the web. It has everything, repeat everything, you need. Applause for Barry Bakalor, its creator!

Internet Juggling Database -- another one-stop-shop for videos, links, tutorials, simulators, and other resources. Sweet.

Todd Smith Juggling Equipment -- where we've gotten our props for the last few years. Good stuff. Ask us about our yearly bulk order.

Renegade Juggling -- a very popular site for equipment.

The Compleat Gamester -- yet another great shop for juggling props. The club has gotten lots of stuff from here in the past.

International Jugglers Association, of which we are a member

MIT Juggling Club -- we often visit them after our Sunday meetings. We just held the first annual Harvard-MIT Juggling Convention, "Dim Sum, Juggle Some," in February 1999.