On Saturday, May 3, 1997, as part of Harvard's Arts First Weekend, we held an event entitled 1000 Balls. At 1:30 that afternoon, a thousand oranges flew threw the air outside of the Science Center, as several hundred people joined together in the largest mass juggling event in Harvard history!

Special Thanks to Harvard Dining Services for the donation of the thousand oranges!

parade.jpg The day's festivities started with a parade from the Inn at Harvard through the Yard. About a half-dozen jugglers marched in the parade, right behind the Harvard Band and John Lithgow '67, founder of Arts First.
1000balls2.jpg Harvard Juggling Club members were on hand the whole time, handing out oranges and providing quick lessons to the crowd. Surprisingly few people needed the lessons though - Harvard seems to have a surprisingly large number of excellent jugglers.
1000balls3.jpg The Greatest Juggling Event of the Year got underway at 1:30 in the afternoon. An enthusiastic crowd of several hundred people showed up for the fun.
1000balls4.jpg Thanks to everyone who came out for the event! Every single juggler helped us to reach closer to our goal. Furthermore, The Harvard Coop donated a dollar to Phillips Brooks House for every orange juggled, so everyone was doing good for charity as well as having a great time!
After the main event, many jugglers stayed for more fun with props other than oranges. Above, Dan Biss passes torches with a friend. Below, an attempt at a ten-person passing pattern. All in all, 1000 Balls! was a total success: fun for everyone involved, good publicity for the Harvard Juggling Club, and a great way to bring together jugglers from across Cambridge! Thanks again to everyone that came out for the fun!
Jason Freidenfelds -- the mad creator behind the event!