In 1998, one of the volunteer programs we got involved with was the Phillips Brooks House Chinatown Teen afterschool program. Chinatown Teen was designed to give kids in the city a place to go after school to study, hang out, and learn some arts and crafts. They picked up juggling in just a few afternoons!

ChinatownClubSwinging.JPG Dan Cousin instructs some students on the art of club swinging
ChinatownDanInstructs.JPG Dan teaches a student to juggle using the "my right arm, your left arm" style, in which he juggles on the right side with his right hand while she juggles on the left side using only her left hand. Look at the smiles!
ChinatownGroupJuggle.JPG Jason Freidenfelds and company put on a display of apple, orange, and beanbag juggling. Some of these guys were born for the stage.

And they all fall down ... A good time was had by all.