AlexNineclubs.JPG During a show in the Holyoke Center, Joey and Dan Cousin looks on as Alex Healy prepares to juggle ... NINE CLUBS!!! (I seem to have lost the photo of the actual juggling.)
BeachStuds.JPG Studs on the beach, Joey and Dan. These guys will juggle anywhere.
candid1.gif Juggling on the steps on Memorial Church, autumn of the first year, 1996. That's Dan Biss and Marshall Perrin passing clubs in the front.
candid2.gif Another 1996 photo. Dillan Morris, John (? last name), Lonne Jaffe, Marshall Perrin, Dan Biss, Nolan Myers (seated), and Brian Rosenthal are visible.
ClubPassOutdoors.JPG A fall 1998 photo on the steps of Memorial Church. A passing pattern involving Dan Cousin, Jason Freidenfelds, Jen Hill, Dan Simons (our esteemed Faculty Advisor), and Minoj Viswanathan.
ManojDanClubPass.JPG The same passing pattern from a different angle
Outdoors.JPG More outdoor juggling on the steps on Memorial Church
DanJoeyPublicityPhoto.JPG The Cousin Brothers in their promo photo from high school
DanJoeyPublicityPhotoSillySM.JPG A close-up of the above photo (ahem)
fake.JPG Dan Cousin juggling ... wait, how many is that? Could it be ... 10? That must be a record of some sort! (Or should we suspect a slight Photoshop exaggeration?)
footflip.gif Dan Biss looking smooth with four clubs
FourWayClubPass.JPG A nice club pattern at the first annual Harvard-MIT convention, Dim Sum, Juggle Some.

A 1996 group photo
Front Row: Lonne Jaffe.
Second Row: Unidentified Juggler, Dan Biss, Marshall Perrin, Brian Rosenthal, and Nolan Myers.
Back Row: John of the Unknown Last Name, Michael Giampaolo, Ben Stephens, Camberly Crick, Beca Lowenhaupt, Unidentified Juggler, Dillan Morris, and Dan Cousin.

JenIndoors.JPG Jen Hill concentrates during a combat juggling session
JoeyMtRushmore.JPG Joey Cousin visits Mt. Rushmore. (His parents couldn't get him to put the clubs down the entire vacation.)
MollyJoeyRings.JPG Molly Thomasy passes seven rings with Joey Cousin
OutdoorsWithLawSchool.JPG The Harvard-Radcliffe Juggling Club teams up with the Harvard Law School Juggling Club
Props.JPG Some of the new props the club purchased from Todd Smith at the beginning of 1998
RudenstineDan.JPG Dan teaches President Neil Rudenstine how to juggle. So if anyone asks, you can tell them. "Yes, of course the President of Harvard can juggle!" This lesson was Jason Freidenfelds's wacky idea, which he thought of around the same time he decided we should juggle 1000 oranges. Go figure.
twodans.gif Dan Cousin and Dan Biss pass eight clubs
yoyos.gif Diabolos galore