Friday, September 17, 2021

The Harvard Mountaineering Club cabin is open December 1 to April 1 every year.

Cost is $15/person/night to stay inside, with max occupancy of 16. Limited camping is available nearby for $7.50, and campers may NOT use cabin facilities.

There are no reservations; but visitors are encouraged to sign up in the Pinkham Notch pack room and to see how many people have headed up already.

The cabin is located below Huntington Ravine, and is frequently used by ice climbers as a base camp. It is insulated and heated with a woodstove, and has permanent propane cooking stoves. A caretaker is present all the time, although he or she is often out during the days. Water from a stream nearby is not treated so use iodine or filter if you desire. The caretaker has a radio to make emergency calls and the weather forecast and avalanche conditions are posted by 8am in the morning.



Easy transport from Boston to Pinkham: the Concord Trailways Bus.

Directions from Boston according to Jeremy Hutton:

-Take the 93 north to the 95

-95 north to NH 4/16

-NH 16 north through North Conway (past N. Conway, follow the 16 when it takes a right at a light towards Pinkham Notch).

-Park at the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center on the left side of the 16. Please sign in at the cabin sign-up inside.

-Hike up the Tuckerman Ravine trail to the fire road and take it to the cabin (topographic map of the area is useful for this part).


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