Climate Change and Investments in Sustainable Land Management

Land degradation and climate change perspectives provide a case for action to address the threat to food security in the eastern Africa region. The research work done in Vihiga, western Kenya underscores the complexity of undertaking conservation in smallholder farming systems. In smallholder farming landscapes, land degradation is more complex, and is associated with changes … Continue Reading ››

The Last Chance

What if the fate of the world depends on worldwide decisions to be made by the end of 2015, yet few people know and even fewer care?  I am not talking about a Hollywood blockbuster, like Russell Crowe’s struggle in Noah, but about something not so different.  Instead of one great flood, humanity faces the … Continue Reading ››

Are You a Conservationist or Are You Human?: An Examination of Subjectivity in Conservation

The conservation movement does not belong to one stakeholder.  Instead, it entangles the concerns of indigenous or rural people, their domestic governments, and more recently, international political organizations and NGOs.  However, not all of these stakeholders are considered to be “conservationists.” Historically and presently, conservationists identify themselves as those whose scientific perspective allows them to … Continue Reading ››

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