Audition Info

Hello! Our preliminary audition schedule is as follows:

Sat. 3-5pm Lowell Lecture Hall B12
Sun. 5-7pm Adams House LCR
Mon. 5-7pm Memorial Hall 203

A note from our Musical director, Jeremy Yang:
“The preliminary auditions are very low-stress, high-fun and will take only 10 minutes! All that is required of you to prepare beforehand is a verse and chorus of a song that you really like to sing, or that you think can show off your voice or personality. The entire prelim audition process will consist of some vocal exercises and warm-ups that I will lead you through, some ear training exercises, an optional sight-reading passage, and the performance of your song, a cappella. After your audition, there will be time for you to ask us any questions you’d like to know about the group. If you have any questions now, please email me at Hope to see you soon! God bless.”

If you have trouble getting to the audition, feel free to contact Uni, our business manager, at