Update from K-Tour

1st K-Tour Update

Hello family and friends,

UC is happy to let you know that we’re safely in Korea, and for the last two days have been having a great time getting closer to God, to each other, and to the turmoil in the two Koreas.

Our contacts in Korea greeted us with a banner at Inchon Int'l Airport!!!

On Sunday, we sang at three places: First, Seoul’s Yeol-bang-saem(열방샘)Church, in which half of the members are North Korean refugees and half are South Koreans. We listened to a moving testimony by Minister Lee Sung-Gyu (이성규 전도사님) who defected from North Korea, lived a life of a fugitive in China, met Christ through a Korean-run church in China and found new meaning in his life, started working in a farm, resolving to work hard and take good care of his body, “the temple” of Christ. Even when the work was unbearable, he did not drink or smoke, to honor Christ. He testified that without God, he would not have been able to lift himself up from the darkness and succeed in escape.

Praising the same God. Whether it be an American student studying in Harvard, or North Koreans in hiding in China,

The pastor talks about his reasons for stepping into North Korea Ministry. He also lets us eat delicious Korean food with all the church members.

Our second gig was at Shin Chon Holiness(Sung-Gyul) Church, at the heart of where Seoul’s most elite universities are clustered together. Especially nearby Yonsei University, which was founded by Christian missionaries back in the day. We sang a popular song by K-pop singers Wonder Girls, “Nobody”, but with an added meaning of the question: what does it mean to not be swayed by the world’s standards of judging one’s value?
(Shout out to Soy ’14, Min Jin ’15, and especially Charlene ’14 for singing in Korean.)

We were especially inspired by the youth’s passion and powerful praise, and also the church’s warm and welcoming atmosphere (they were really hospitable and nice to us!) Even in a completely different language, the Korean youth’s passion for Christ really shone through in a lot of ways.

Post-performance, UC'ers tuning in to the Youth Service via the translator-machines, which the church was so considerate as to prepare for us!!

A beautiful sanctuary...

Our last performance was at Onnuri Church, and it held one of the largest crowds in front of whom UC has ever sung; over 1,000 seats, filled to the max. We were excited and nervous at the same time: but when we were onstage, it was just as if we were simply worshipping together. The acoustics of the hall made our songs sound so beautiful! From the big “A-men” that rang across the sanctuary as we stepped down from the stage, to the small pack of “roasted sweet potato snack(군고구마)” that was randomly(!) given to us by one of the church members, we were blessed.

There were so many people in the audience... (see how small we look?)

Can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next couple of days!