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1. All
2. Amazing Grace
3. I Run To You
4. Surrender
5. Incomplete
6. No One/Where Is The Love
7. Remember Me
8. What If
9. Held
10. Lucky
11. You Were There
12. Change In My Life

Going Forth

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1. On The Way Down
2. Trouble Is
3. God
4. The Solid Rock
5. Trust
6. Wanna Be Moved
7. Lean On Me
8. Different Now
9. To Ever Live Without Me
10. Always Be My Home
11. Praisin’ (Crazy In Love)
12. What If I Stumble?
13. In The End
14. I Am
15. I’ve Searched (Satisfied)
16. Testify To Love

Third Book Down

1. Show You Love
2. Watching Over Me
3. Lead Of Love
4. Crash And Burn
5. Thankful
6. Shackles
7. All I Know
8. Listen To Our Hearts
9. If I Stand
10. Alas, And Did My Savior Bleed
11. Take My Hand
12. Now Unto Him
13. Somebody’s Watching Me