Harvard Swimming & Diving

2000 Women's Ivy League Swimming and Diving Championships
February 24-26, 2000
Blodgett Pool, Harvard University, Boston, MA

Meet Information

Meet Planning Committee
Director of Athletics William J. Cleary Jr. '56 (617) 495-2204 wjcleary@fas.harvard.edu
Meet Director Neil F. Murphy (617) 496-8769 murphy3@fas.harvard.edu
Meet Administration Liz Lambert (617) 496-1180 elambert@fas.harvard.edu
Meet Administration Sheri Norred (617) 495-4992 norred@fas.harvard.edu
Media Relations Contact John Veneziano (617) 495-4153 jpvenez@fas.harvard.edu
Electronic Timing Rick Osterberg '96 (617) 496-8242 osterber@fas.harvard.edu
Meet Operations Christen Deveney '99 (617) 495-3889 deveney@wjh.harvard.edu
Facility Operations Michele DeAngelis (617) 496-6767 mdeangel@fas.harvard.edu
Marketing & Promotions Steve Staples (617) 495-9810 sstaples@fas.harvard.edu
Swimming Head Coach Stephanie Wriede '92 (617) 495-1989 swriede@fas.harvard.edu
Swimming Assistant Coach Katherine Veazey '95 (617) 496-8791 veazey@fas.harvard.edu
Diving Coach Keith Miller (617) 496-8790 kdmiller@fas.harvard.edu
Head Official Priscilla Davis

Entry Information

All entries must be accompanied by official proof of performance results. All possible entries must be listed on the entry form and best times must be submitted. Each team is permitted eighteen competitors in accordance with the following guidelines: each swimmer counts as one competitor and each diver counts as 1/3 of a competitor.

Each participant is allowed to compete in a maximum of 7 events, of which no more than 3 can be individual events.

The entry form and all entry fees must be sent via express mail and received by 6:00pm FEBRUARY 16, 2000.

Entry fees are $35.00 per participant. Mail the completed entry form, a copy of your institution's Certificate of Insurance, parking pass requests, and the check payable to Harvard University Athletics to: Neil F. Murphy Harvard University Athletics Murr Center 65 North Harvard Street Boston, MA 02163 - 1012

Updated entries will be accepted on Monday, February 21, 2000 from 12noon - 2:00pm. Please call Neil Murphy at (617) 496-8769. New competitors will not be accepted.

Championship Format

In all trials/finals swimming events, the evening finals will consist of a Bonus Final, Consolation Final, and Championship Final. Eight lanes will be used for all competitions, and sixteen places will be scored. The Bonus Final will be filled by positive check-in within thirty minutes of the completion of the preliminaries.

The awards presentation for each event will immediately follow the Consolation Final of the following event. Awards presentation for the 400 medley relay and 800 freestyle will take place at the beginning of the following evening's session.

All relays (except 800 freestyle) will be swum in a trials/finals format. Competitors in the Championship Finals (including relays), as well as the fastest heats of the 1,650 freestyle and 800 freestyle relay, will march-out from the "ready room" immediately before competing.

Automatic Judging and Timing

An automatic judging and timing device will be used throughout the meet. Rick Osterberg will be serving as the liaison and any questions may be directed to his attention at osterber@fas.harvard.edu. Please advise all contestants to touch the pads with force at the finish of each race to record the place and finish.

Meet Committee

The Meet Committee will consist of the following individuals:

  1. Brislin, Joann
  2. Davis, Priscilla
  3. Miller, Keith
  4. Nestor, Joanne
  5. Wriede, Stephanie

Time Trials

The format for time trials will be discussed at the General Coaches' Meeting.

Qualifying Standards

The 2000 Ivy League Women's Swimming and Diving Championships will be governed in accordance with NCAA Championship rules and regulations. Please refer to the NCAA Swimming and Diving Handbook for information on specific rules.


All scratches should be placed in the scratch box located in the Information Office at Blodgett Pool. Scratches will only be accepted from coaches or the team's official representative. A receipt form will be used for scratch verification. All entries not scratched will be become official entries. The scratch deadlines are as follows: Wed., Feb. 23 6:00pm for all Thursday events; Thu., Feb. 24 6:00pm for all Friday events; Fri., Feb. 25 6:00pm for all Saturday events.

In accordance with NCAA regulations, scratches for championship and consolation finals are not allowed. Qualifiers for the bonus final must indicate their desire to swim with a positive check-in.


Medals will be awarded to the top eight finishers in each event. Award presentations of will follow the consolation final of the next event. Contestants receiving awards should report to the ready room prior to the start of the consolation final.

Awards will also be given to the FIRST and SECOND place teams, as well as the Outstanding Swimmer and Diver of the meet. The Outstanding Swimmer will be determined by vote (one vote per team).

The Outstanding Diver award will be given to the student-athlete who scores the highest point total toward their team's total score. Tie breakers will be discussed at the diving coaches' meeting.

Medical Treatment

The Harvard medical staff will be available to treat all injuries that occur during the event. Any school traveling without a certified athletic trainer or team physician must provide the appropriate documentation from their team physician of certified athletic trainer prior to receiving any treatments (i.e., ultrasounds, electrical stimulation, hot packs, whirlpools). All documentation can be faxed to the Harvard University Athletic Training Room at (617) 495-8591. An ice machine will be available on the pool deck throughout the competition.


Please see enclosed map for parking information. Team buses and vans should enter the Soldier's Field Athletic Complex via North Harvard Street through Gate 6, which is located at the closed end of the football stadium. Team buses will be permitted to park perpendicular to the football stadium or parallel to the fence surrounding Webster Field. Both sites are clearly displayed on the parking map. Team vans will be permitted to park in spots designated for "visitors" perpendicular to the baseball outfield fence.

Spectators will not be allowed to park within the Soldier's Field Athletic Complex. All spectators should be directed to the Harvard Business School parking lot located on Gordon Drive (across from the football stadium). Please send your parking pass request forms in along with the completed entry forms.


Coaches, participants, managers, trainers, sports information staff, administrative staff, officials, and meet personnel will be admitted through the Blodgett Pool lobby main entrance on the ground floor. The proper credentials, which will be distributed at the Coaches' Meeting, must be displayed in order to gain access. Spectators and all others must enter Blodgett Pool on the second floor mezzanine level.

Admission Prices
All Session:
(includes program & heat sheets)
Single Session:Adult$5
Children (under 12)$2
Harvard students (with valid ID card)free
Visiting students (with valid ID card)$2
Individual heat sheets $1

If you would like to order session tickets or event passes in advance, please contact Steve Staples, Assistant Director of Athletics for Marketing and Promotions at (617) 495-9810, or via email at sstaples@fas.harvard.edu.


The hanging of banners will be allowed in the Blodgett Pool area with the following restrictions:

Team Locker Room and Seating

There will be two locker rooms available for use during the meet. Teams will be assigned a locker room prior to arriving. Team seating on the pool deck will be determined at the coaches' meeting. Please inform your teams that Harvard University is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Valuables should not be kept in team locker rooms. Locks are not available and personal locks cannot be left on lockers overnight. Towels will not be available and glass bottles are not permitted anywhere within Blodgett Pool.

Coaches' Meetings

The General Coaches' Meeting/Dinner will take place in the Murr Center Hall of History on Wednesday, February 23rd at 7:00pm. The Hall of History is located adjacent to the Blodgett Pool. Every team must have at least one representative present at the meeting. The Diving Coaches' Meeting will begin immediately following the general meeting.


Bagels, snacks, coffee, and juice will be available for coaches, meet personnel, and officials in the morning in the Blodgett Pool front entrance lobby (adjacent to the Murr Center Hall of History). Assorted snacks and juices will be provided in the afternoon. Accessing the refreshment area will require the appropriate credentials.

Concession Stand

The Blodgett Pool concession stand will be operating throughout the meet. It is located on the second level behind the spectator bleachers.

Sports Information

The results for each morning's preliminaries and evening's finals will be posted immediately on the web at http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~swim/. The site will have a complete listing of psych sheets, heat sheets, results, and scores as soon as they are available.

Results from each morning's preliminaries and evening's finals will be posted on Fax on Demand. The telephone number is (770) 399-3066. The Ivy League pass code number is 45 and the document number for women's results is 2112. Questions regarding sports information should be directed to John Veneziano, Assistant Director of Athletics for Sports Media Relations, at (617) 495-4153 or via email at jpvenez@fas.harvard.edu.

Hotel and Restaurant Information

A list of local hotels and restaurants has been included in this registration packet for your convenience.

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