Barbara Oedayrajsingh Varma ~ Co-President

Barbara is a Junior from The Hague, the Netherlands. She lives in Eliot (the best house on campus!), she studies Psychology and is interested in behavioral economics research. In her free time, she loves singing (a LOT), and is involved with gender advocacy. When it is sunny, be sure to find her lounging in the hammock of Eliot courtyard. Barbara loves the international community, and she is super excited to start this new adventure as Woodbridge’s President together with Claudio!

Claudio Reck Rivera – Co-President

Claudio is a Junior from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. He lives in Eliot, and concentrates in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a secondary in Global Health. He sings with perfect pitch, and in his spare time dabbles in research in the bio labs. Claudio is also involved with various Latinamerican cultural groups on campus. Fun fact: Claudio and Barbara were FIP siblings and have remained best friends since their first year!

Raphaëlle Soffe – Treasurer

Raphaëlle is a Junior and hails from the aristocratic village of Hawarden, Wales. She lives in Adams and is pursuing a degree in Social Studies. She has been excited about the international community since doing FIP in her first year. Thanks to her involvement with the Institute of Politics, Raphaëlle has lots of cool stories to tell you about global politics, from Hong Kong protests to eventful consulate visits! Her favorite part of the international community is building friendships from all over the world and then visiting her friends- including trips in China and balls in Austrian palaces!

Shriank Kanaparti – Secretary and Technology Chair

Shriank is a junior from Bangalore, India. He lives in Dunster and studies Computer Science. He loves being involved in the International Society, this year as Woodbridge’s Secretary and Technology Chair. Shriank is super interested in startups and technology. Feel free to reach out to him to talk about all things technology! You can find him hanging around on the 10th floor of the Smith Campus Center.

Celina – Fundraising Chair

Celina is a Sophomore hailing from Oranienburg, Germany. She lives in Winthrop, concentrates in Government, and is fascinated by International Relations and Diplomacy. She is involved with Harvard’s film club, and enjoys powerfully wielding her lacrosse stick for her beloved club team. Celina has a lovely voice, so if you’re ever looking for a karaoke partner, look no further. She has fulfilled her language requirement (obviously), yet is currently delving into the intricacies of Korean and Czech. What a polyglot!

Nick Brinkmann – Large Social Co-Chair

Nick is a First-Year from Johannesburg, South Africa. He lives in Grays and is thinking of concentrating in Applied Math. He is Woodbridge’s Large Social Chair along with Nikita so you will be seeing him at our many parties this year! In his free time, Nick enjoys procrastinating by playing chess (he is willing to play blindfold chess against anyone – so feel free to ask!).

Nikita Lledo – Large Social Co-Chair

Nikita is a Sophomore from Johannesburg, South Africa. She lives in Winthrop and is pursuing a joint concentration in Government and Anthropology, along with a minor in Chemistry. Nikita is involved with the Boston Children’s Hospital and does research at the Harvard Institutional Research Office, while also doing political consulting. She also loves Scuba Diving and hanging out in the Winthrop dining hall!

Fabrizio Serafini – Academics and Career Chair

Fabrizio is a First-Year from Palermo, Italy. He lives in Thayer and is studying Applied Mathematics and Economics. He is the first Sicilian to ever come to Harvard College, and in his free time he is a DJ. He also loves playing football (or soccer to the Americans…) and polo. Fabrizio is passionate about Philosophy and is an avid reader of Kant, and on campus you can find him in Cabot Library pretending to study.

Justas Jasevicius – Alumni Chair

Justas is a Junior from Lithuania. He’s studying Integrative Biology and lives in Winthrop. In his free time, Justas loves going running by the river, working out at the MAC, and reading fiction (recommendations are welcome!). He also cooks banana bread sometimes (and hopes it’s good), and this year he is Woodbridge’s Alumni Chair!

Raphael Tsiamis – Advocacy Co-Chair

Raphael is a Sophomore from Greece. He lives in Eliot and studies Mathematics. He works with professors on geometry and loves to learn languages, speaking English, Greek, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. His home city Thessaloniki in Greece is famous for its Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman history. In his spare time, Raphael loves to dance and takes part in Model United Nations.

Tuzo Mulunda – Advocacy Co-Chair

Tuzo is a first year student from Nairobi Kenya. She lives in Greenough and is thinking of studying Applied Mathematics. When she is not watching netflix during her free time, you will find Tuzo singing with Kuumba or working with the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations. This year, she is the Advocacy co-chair. Feel free to reach out to her about a collaboration on tiktok or anything in general.

Abdullah Bannan – Community Chair

Abdullah is a First-Year from Syria (there are only 3 at Harvard, so he’s a rare find!). He lives in Matthews, and is planning to study biology, but not yet sure which one (suggestions are welcome). Abdullah is involved with a few cultural organizations on campus, and you can find him working at the Semitic Museum over the weekends. At Woodbridge, he will be the Community Chair!

Ruth — Co-DIFA

Ruth is a sophomore in Eliot House studying Social Studies with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights. Originally from Singapore, Ruth also lived in New York and London before coming to Boston for college. She’s incredibly excited to be taking on the role of the Director of International First-Year Affairs alongside Mich this year, and can’t wait to welcome the international Class of 2024 during FIP! Apart from Woodbridge, Ruth is involved with PBHA, a Cappella, the Harvard Asia Center, Christian impact, and Asian-American advocacy work on campus.

Nicole Kagan — Publicity Chair

Nicole is a sophomore from Sydney, Australia. She lives in Mather and studies Economics and Computer Science. When she’s not in class, you can find her arguing with people as part of the Harvard College Debating Union, or helping students write essays at the Harvard College Writing Center. Her love for the international community is obvious and she’s excited to serve you this year!


Freshmen Rep Committee

Freshman Representatives serve as the main liaison between the international freshmen and the Woodbridge Board. They work closely with the Director of International Freshman Affairs (DIFA) to organize events specifically oriented towards serving the needs of the freshman international community. In the past, these events have ranged from academic and advising sessions to study breaks, trips out of the Harvard bubble and many more!

Publicity Committee

The Publicity and Student Liaisons Committee is relatively new, but plays a crucial role in every aspect of the Woodbridge International Society. The committee works closely with the rest of the Woodbridge committees to ensure that all of our fantastic events are well publicized and advertised. In that regard, this committee links the Woodbridge board and the rest of the Harvard Community.

Fundraising and Alumni Affairs

The Fundraising Committee is the newest addition to the Woodbridge family, having only existed for several years now. Noticing the need to expand our efforts beyond the Harvard bubble and into the various global locations of Woodbridge alums, the past board felt the need to create a committee solely dedicated to working towards improving our relations with these alums, while also increasing fundraising efforts.

External Relations Committee

The Outreach Committee functions as a link between Society members, the Harvard community, and the outside world. Outreach promotes international awareness, and enables Woodbridge members to interact closely with entities both inside Harvard (Woodbridge members, other Harvard cultural groups, administrators, Houses, the Institute of Politics, faculty members, Nobel Prize winners) and outside (other Boston-area universities, international corporate sponsors, NGOs).

Social Committee

The Social Committee (SoCo) is one of the most important organs of the Woodbridge Society, as Woodbridge is by nature a social organization. The Social Committee organizes fun events such as parties, tea parties, karaoke nights, and black-tie events for the Society. SoCo plays an important role in helping Woodbridge members meet the diverse and fascinating people of the international community.

Historical Committee

Established in 2018, the History Committee is the newest addition to the Woodbridge family. Our goal is to bring awareness to the long presence of international students at Harvard and to address the uncertainties of the future by examining our proud past. Our current research focuses on reconstructing the broad historical narrative of international students at Harvard since 1636 and, more specifically, since the founding of the Woodbridge International Society in 1994. We are excited to be presenting our findings during FIP 2018.