Spring 1992 Issue

Volume 5, No. 2

by One Danny Yoon, Editor-in-Chief

The Other Side of the Model Minority Myth
by Daniel Hyukjoon Choi '94

Korean American Profiles at Harvard
by Esther Eun-Young Chang '95

Arts and Media
Ice Cube's "Black Korea": Racially-Charged Rap
by Anthony Choe '94

Mississippi Masala: Breaking Hollywood's Asian Stereotypes
by Charles Lee '94

Yisei Forum
Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Interview with Journalist Peter Hong
by Gilbert Gimm '92

Personal Essays
by Won-Taek Choi '95

Notes on Eighteen Years
by Kyung Hee Kim

Confessions of a Banana
by Kristin Penaskovic '94

Pale Blue Ribbon
by Linda Kang '95

Speaking in Tongues
by Ruth Chung '94

White Wave Whisper
by Cha Bong Kim, Ph.D
Translated by Juliana Koo '92 and Jung-Ikk Lee '93

by Jun Ki Park '95
Translated by Juliana Koo '92 and Jung-Ikk Lee '93

by Daniel Hyukjoon Choi '94

Staff for this Issue
One Danny Yoon '93, Editor-in-Chief
Kristen Hunter '92, Publisher
Daniel H. Choi '94, English Editor
Jung-Ikk Lee '93, Korean Editor
Lucy Whang '92, Circulation Manager
Sang-Jin Han '92, Financial Manager
Hyeon Lee '94, Ads Manager

Design Staff: Michelle Lee '93 and One Danny Yoon '93

Staff Members: Billy Bang, Cecile Cho, Anthony Choe, Won-Taek Choe, Yun Shin Chun, Ruth Chung, Gilbert Gimm, Linda Kang, Peter Keum, Anna Kim, Dan Kim, Do Hyung Kim, Eileen Kim, Juliana Koo, Charles Lee, Hong Lee, Sung Eun Lee, Jun Ki Park

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