Editorial Board, 1996-1997

Jong Yun '98

Sang Park '98

English Editor
Donyne Choo '98

Korean Editor
Yunsun Nam '99

Business Manager
Ka-Hyeong Lee

Circulation Manager
Jennifer Nam '98

Design / Layout Editor
James Lee '99

Art Editor
Jonathan Harlow '99

Staff Members
Abigail Baker '98, Myoungil Cha '99, Eric Cho '98, Brian Im '98
Julie Kim '97, Miriam Kim '98
Walter Kim '00, Audrey Lee '99
James Park '00, Thomas Ryou '00, Victor Song '97, Young-Jee Won '98

Faculty Advisor
Professor Carter Eckert

Graduate Advisor
Kyung Moon Hwang

Yisei is a Korean American cultural and literary journal published semi-annually by Harvard University undergraduates. This publication is distributed free across the Harvard campus and to major universities in the United States. Yisei welcomes submissions of artwork, photography, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Send submissions and letters to: Yisei, Box 380805, Cambridge, MA 02238.

Yisei reserves the right to publish all submitted materials. Published work is the property of Yisei and may not be reproduced without permission. The views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the staff.

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