Harvard Korean
Students Association

The Fall Semester in Review

Eric Ro '98 and Sang Park '98

The Harvard Korean Students Association serves to unite a diverse group of Korean and Korean-American students and acts as a voice for issues that concern them. We know that the Korean students at Harvard have a wide variety of interests but also understand that they share a common bond in their heritage. Our organization strives to use these commonalities to bring the Korean community closer together through a variety of social, cultural, and political events.

We have had a number of successful events so far this semester. In early October, we held a Korean barbecue for the Class of 2000 in the MAC quad. A large number of freshmen as well as upperclassmen eager to meet the newest members of the Harvard community enjoyed an afternoon of home-prepared bul-go-ghi cooked by the officers and an informal game of volleyball and football. On October 7th, members also participated as counselors at the annual MAPLTC culture camp for young Korean children adopted by non-Korean families. Everyone had a great time, and it was wonderful to see the smiles on the faces of those kids! The day began with the comic performance of a folk tale by the counselors, followed by an afternoon of learning Korean songs, games, manners, and words, as well as learning to prepare kimchi. The event also involved various discussion groups with the children and parents on issues that concerned them. On November 9th, KSA co-sponsored the performance of Jamez Chang, a Korean-American hip-hop artist from New York City who dazzled the audience with powerful and humorous amalgamations of traditional Korean music with hip-hop, dealing with issues ranging from parents to the Los Angeles riots. Members also joined him for a dinner-reception preceding the performance. The 1996 Intercollegiate Korean Culture Show co-sponsored with Wellesley KASA on November 23rd was one of our largest events. The audience of students from Wellesley, Harvard, MIT, Yale, BU, BC, and their parents packed the auditorium and greeted performers from major Boston colleges as well as Yale and Dartmouth. Highlights included the gah-ya-geum performance of Sugung-ga by the award-winning artist Jocelyn Clark from Harvard, the Youngnam Nongak and Chang-go Chum performances by Yale's Unity poongmul group, and a solo Buk Chum perfomance by Olivia Kim. Other smaller events have included no-rae-bang nights and a dinner. Through e-mail, KSA has also provided the members with news from Korea and the U.S., as well as information on various employment opportunities and conferences in the New England area.

In the upcoming semester, we will have the annual KSA auction in which members bid for priceless goods and humorous services provided by fellow members. Later in the semester we will hold an informal career forum with graduate students from major graduate schools to discuss career prospects, the application process, summer jobs, resumes, and interviews. We also hope to occasionally divert the studious Koreans from their books with strategically planned study breaks with food and Korean movies and documentaries. We also seek representatives for this year's KASCON as well as participation in other on-going projects such as the WWW page construction and alumni fundraising efforts. Although this may sound trite, KSA really is what the members make it; we are always receptive to suggestions and participation. Please reach us at ksa@hcs.harvard.edu.

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