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Feb 28, 2015 Datamatch 2015 Summary - Thanks to everybody who signed up for Datamatch in 2015! We had a RECORD 3859 people sign in, with a still record 3553 submitting the survey. 1149 people signed up for waffle dates with their matches at our partner Zinnekin's, and 180 of those people were lucky enough to have their match sign up as well! In years to come, hopefully Datamatch will be responsible for even more happy couples
Feb 15, 2014 Datamatch 2014 Summary - Here are some stats for Datamatch 2014: Signed up: 3672 Submitted: 3326 Male: 1598 Female: 2073 Freshmen: 1007 Sophomore: 903 Junior: 741 Senior: 750 Grad: 29 Alumn: 0 In a relationship: 327 This year, we've had a termendous amount of sign-ups, the most as of yet. We hope next year's Datamatch would be just as great!
Mar 28, 2012 Datamatch 2012 Summary - Dear HCS, Datamatch 2012 was a huge success! This year, we had 2129 people participate, which was slightly down from last year. However, fun was definitely had by all. Here are some aggregated raw Datamatch statistics. The first column contains totals, the second, percentages.
Feb 27, 2011 Datamatch 2011 Reflections - Dear HCS, Datamatch 2011 was an astounding success. This year, Datamatch had 878 males and 1382 females participating. In case you don't have a slide rule handy, this works out to a total of 2260 participants, making this the most successful Datamatch in memory. Good work, Harvard!
Jan 12, 2011 HCS Mail Statistics (Fall 2010) - One of the Harvard Computer Society's most prominent public services is mail. HCS hosts 5,000 mailing lists, and 1,700 student-group and user email/web accounts. We thought the community would find it interesting to see some of our mail statistics for Fall 2010. We started archiving log data in late September 2010, continuing through the present, with an interruption in mid-November.


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